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  R&B Lyrics Page 17 (Q-R)
  Q-Tip     Get Involved
        Vivrant Thing
  Quincy Jones     Everything
        Just Once
        One Hundred Ways
        The Secret Garden
  R. Kelly     Bad Man
        Gotham City
        Half On A Baby
        Heaven If You Hear Me
        Home Alone
        I Believe I Can Fly
        I Can't Sleep Baby (If I)
        I Wish
        Step In My Room
  R.L.     The Best Man I Can Be
        We Can't Be Friends
  Rahsaan Patterson     Come Over
        My Sweetheart
        So Fine
        Spend The Night
        Stop By
        Tears Ago
        Where You Are
  Raphael Saadiq     Get Involved
  Ray J     That's Why I Lie
  Rome     Do You Like This
        Makin' That Money
        Say Yes
  Ruff Endz     No More
  Rufus     Tell Me Something Good


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Created: July 20, 2000 / Added: August 1, 2000 / Last Update: January 11, 2002

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