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  R&B Lyrics Page 16 (N-P)
  Next     Anything
        Butta Love
        I Still Love You
        Too Close
  New Edition     I'm Still In Love With You
        One More Day
        Thank You (The J.G. Interlude)
  No Question     How You Like It (Lights On/Lights Off)
        I Don't Care
        If You Really Wanna Go
        New Love
        Thank You (Gospel Outro)
        You Make Me Feel Brand New
        Whose Is This
  Ol Skool     Am I Dreaming
        Don't Be Afraid
        Don't Be Afraid Interlude
        Set You Free
  Patti Austin     How Do You Keep The Music Playing?
  Patti LaBelle     My Love, Sweet Love
  Playa     Woozy
  Pointer Sisters, The     Yes We Can Can
  Pressha     Splackavellie
  Profyle     I Ain't The One (Remix)
        Too Shady
  Public Announcement     Body Bumpin' (Yippie-Yi-Yo)


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Created: July 20, 2000 / Added: August 1, 2000 / Last Update: January 19, 2002

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