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  R&B Lyrics Page 11 (J-1)
  J-Shin     One Night Stand
  Jagged Edge     Goodbye
        He Can't Love You
        I Gotta Be
        Keys To The Range
        Let's Get Married
  Jaheim     Anything
        Could It Be
        Heaven In My Eyes
        Just In Case
        Love Is Still Here
  James Ingram     How Do You Keep The Music Playing?
        Just Once
        One Hundred Ways
        The Secret Garden
        Yah Mo B There
  J'son     I'll Never Stop Loving You
        I Should Cheat On You
  Jermaine Dupri     Bounce With Me
  Jesse Powell     All Alone
        All I Need
        I Like
        If I
        If You Like What You See
        I'm Leaving
        Is It Over
        Let Go
        Looking For Love
        Spend The Night (It's Alright)
        You Don't Know
  Jill Scott     Do You Remember
        Gettin' In The Way
        I Think It's Better
        The Roots (Interlude)
  Jimmy Cozier     She's All I Got


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Created: July 20, 2000 / Added: August 1, 2000 / Last Update: February 26, 2002

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