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  R&B Lyrics Page 2 (A)
  A Taste Of Honey     Boogie Oogie Oogie
        Do It Good
  A Tribe Called Quest     Find A Way
  Aaliyah     I Don't Wanna
        If Your Girl Only Knew
        Rock The Boat
        Try Again
  Abenaa     Journey
  Al B. Sure     The Secret Garden
  Allure     Head Over Heels
        All Cried Out
  Amel Larrieux     Get Up
  Amyth     1,2,3
        Come Home With Amyth (Interlude)
        My Body
        Tender Love
  Andrea Martin     Let Me Return The Favor
  Art N' Soul     Ever Since You Went Away
  Avant     My First Love


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Created: July 20, 2000 / Added: August 1, 2000 / Last Update: January 19, 2002

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