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  R&B Lyrics Page 18 (S)
  Sam Salter     After 12, Before 6
        Every Time A Car Drives By
        Give Me My Baby
        I Love You Both
        Once My Shhh
        Your Face
  Sammie     I Like It
  Shalamar     Dancing In The Sheets
  Shirley Murdock     As We Lay
  Silk     If You
        I Wonder
        Meeting In My Bedroom
  Sisqo     Addicted
        Dru World Order
        Enchantment Passing Through
        Got To Get It
        So Sexual
        Thong Song
        Your Love Is Incredible
  Somethin' For The People     All I Do
  Soul for Real     Ain't No Sunshine
        Candy Rain
        Can't You Tell
        Every Little Thing I Do
        I Don't Know
        If Only You Knew
  Sparkle     Be Careful
  Stephen Simmonds     Alone
        Hope U Do
        Now's The Time
        Tears Never Dry
  Stevie Wonder     All In Love Is Fair
        Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing
        Golden Lady
        He's Misstra Know-It-All
        Higher Ground
        Jesus Children Of America
        Living For The City
        Too High


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Created: July 20, 2000 / Added: August 1, 2000 / Last Update: January 21, 2002

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