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Boyz II Men "Can't Let Her Go"
I can't let her go
I can't let her go
'Cause I need the love she gives to me
I can't let her go
I can't let her go
And she knows that we were meant to be
(Verse 1)
First time I saw her
Thought that I would lose my mind
Just had to have her
Now I had to have her in my life
The way you make me feel
Is like no other feeling I ever had
<I ever had> Before <Before>
You give the kind of lovin'
Make a brother wanna come for more
And more
<She's the one I adore>
<That's why>
(Verse 2)
Just can't believe it
She got me open all the time
Love so good I'm never leavin'
Can't be wrong, becuase it feels so right
No one can do
What you do
When you do
What you're doing to me
And I can't believe
Believe that it's me that you're feeling
It's ecstasy
(Chorus) x 2
(Chorus/Fade Out)

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Added: August 1, 2000

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