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Blaque "808"
Ooh (Yea, yea, yea, yea)
Ooh (Yea, yea, yea, yea)
Check it out
See what I believe is
We was granted the power
What's that? Power of what?
Ha, the power to make you dance
Like this...
(Verse 1)
I heard she's got a 9-to-5
But comin' in after 12
I know you're tired of her lies
Just let her go, what the deal?
And now take me for instance, babe
See my love will drive her crazy
'Cause I'll be goin' boom like an 808
Be makin' circles like a figure 8
You know it feels good from head to toe
Now hold on to me, baby, here we go
You'll be goin' boom baby boom baby boom
And I'll be goin' ooh baby ooh baby ooh
(Verse 2)
I heard she's not all that to you
'Cause she can't do it like I do
So, put that trophy on the shelf
Don't bother, find somebody else
Now take me for instance, babe
See my love will drive her crazy
Ain't nobody can bang it like me
Stack it like me
Wouldn't like me
Ask Kelly his original plan
To get as large on the map
By makin' you clap your hands
Damn shoo bizzatch
I'm not gonna lie
I'll pump my amps to this
Cutie pie, honey bunch
If you're not busy, take me to lunch
Oh, ya'll done did it now
With the luscious music
World poppin' crews
And what
Eight O grooves
Is what intended
You to get me up you
You one in a mill
Forget the men's
'Cause they ride in my pocket, baby
And today I just wanna
Jiggle my ball
But knock your socks off
Wit my what, what, what
Yea, yea

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Added: August 14, 2000

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