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Before Dark "Daydream"
All I do is think about you and me
Talking on the phone till a quarter to 3
Walking in the park on a Saturday
Catch the bus back 'cause we walked too far away
All I do is think about the way you kiss
When I'm all alone, it's you that I miss
That's when I realized that I'm caught up in a daydream, daydream...
(Verse 1)
Early morning, baby
Got you on my mind like crazy
Feeling good, but I couldn't sleep
And the night before I couldn't even eat
I can't <I can't compete, no...> compete
With the spell you put on me
All my thoughts are running wild
But it's like that when you fall in love
I can't stop thinking of you...
Tell me what's a girl to do, yeah...
<You on my mind all the time, it's really true that love is blind>
You on my mind all the time
'Cause I can't see nothing but you loving me...
Daydream, daydream, daydreamin', daydreamin'

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Added: October 8, 2000

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