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Allure featuring Nas "Head Over heels"
<Nas - Rap>
The firm, Track Masters, Escobar, Allure, Keep it raw
Hey yo the bridge keep rocking
We're coming through bottles popping
Allure when your album's dropping
The place is packed
Many faces, there's some I know and some know me
From buying cases, cash stacks, shorties peeping
Is she Puerto Rican or half black
Puff puff give I need to live
Please pass that so I could zone
Maybe shoot a jewel in baby girl's dome
It's a crazy world let me drive you home, let's go
By the way the name is Esco
The platinum range makes your man know we wet those
If he front I got the tech close
To you much respect goes for going through
Had to put it on you allure you
You gotta leave I'll call you
It's been real
(Verse 1)
Boy I can't understand it
See I've never really felt
Like I do when I'm around you baby
And I just can't explain it
But I'm feeling so high
And I just can't deny it's on you
Tell me you want my love
Baby please don't deny
What you're feeling inside
Say you've been thinking of holding me, touching me
Feeling my every need
Head Over Heels
It seems so real
I feel like I'm falling in love
I'm lost inside
Of desire
Oh baby can't you see
I'm falling for you
Head over heels
(Verse 2)
Baby Baby I'm longing
Just to have you to myself
I don't want nobody else
Baby my body's calling
Won't you come get my love
Because I really need you so much
<Nas - Rap>
So much in common
I know you like that way I act
You been around real cats all your life
Since the way back
You still got it
'Cuz you was turned out once
Guess you learned ain't no future
With them burnt out stunts
Left the hood to get your own things
With home team pushing through
Watch your chrome gleam
Yeah you probably heard that my pipe game's tight
Tocking VSS stones, powder blue whips
With egg head lights
Center weed getting all in your weave
I put out the trees
And crack the moon roof only for you to breathe
You get an extra set of keys
I tell the world
While I'm out on tour
Keep your hands on my girls Allure
Baby, can't you see
How you're making me feel
Oh, baby, can't you see
I'm falling for you head over heals
(Chorus/Fade Out)

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Added: August 14, 2000

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