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7 Mile "No One Else But You"
(Verse 1)
Would you rather that I walked away
Baby, instead of me just staying here with you, oh, no...
Is it so bad that I have to be
So many miles away from you
I don't know just what to do, 'cause...
I don't want anyone but you
No one else can make me feel the way you do
<No one else can make me feel>
Baby, I don't want anyone but you
You're my one and only love <One and only love>
I don't want nobody else but you...
(Verse 2)
What's a man like me to do
When nothing seems to fall in place
My love has gone without a trace
Can we find a way to start again
Girl, I need you in my life
'Cause I just don't know what to do...
(Chorus) x 2
When I go to sleep at night
I see your face, girl
Baby, no one else could ever take your place <Your place>
It's not possible <It's not possible>
There's nothing else acceptable <Acceptable>
Baby, I want no one else but you, oh, baby
(Chorus) x 2
You..., oh, yeah..., you...
Nobody, nobody but you...
Oh..., yeah..., nobody but you and me...
You and me, girl, just you and me...
Oh..., yeah...

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Added: October 10, 2000

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