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7 Mile "Looking For Somebody"
Mmh..., oh, yeah, oh, yeah...
Oh..., ooh..., oh, yeah..., oh...
Ooh..., yeah...
Oh..., whoa..., oh, oh, oh..., oh..., oh..., yeah...
(Verse 1)
I was looking all around me
For that special one
Whom I could share my life with
We could have big fun
But all I saw around me
Were material girls
Heading for the parties
Till I found my Black pearl, whoa, oh...
I was looking for somebody
Not just anybody
I'm so glad I found it in you
I just wanna be around you
Build my world around you
I'm so glad I found her in you <Found her in you>
(Verse 2)
Wanted me a lady
A flower in bloom
To bring home to mama
On a Sunday afternoon
Somebody I could talk to
Who would understand
A woman who could change me
Into a better man
(Chorus) x 2
Everybody needs someone
I'm glad I found that someone in you
<And only with you> And only with you <And only with you>
You won't ever have to be alone <Be alone>
Your lonely days are over girl, it's true <It's true>
Somebody loves you <Somebody loves you>
(Chorus) x 7
And you...

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Added: October 10, 2000

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