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7 Mile "Do Your Thing"
Oh..., oh..., oh...
Oh..., yeah...
Mmh..., oh..., ooh...
Mmh, mmh, mmh...
(Verse 1)
Lately you been acting like
There is something else on your mind
And everything I say or do
Doesn't mean a thing to you, oh, no
Girl, I heard you on the phone
You were talking to your girlfriend, damn, mmh...
Told her you were having fun
You're messing with another man, oh...
Girl, I know everything
And even though it hurts me
I gotta let you do your thing
Baby, the thought of you
Being caught up in another romance
Is making me crazy, but
I gotta let you do your thing
(Verse 2)
Listen, babe
Now everybody's talking bout
How you're leaving me for someone else, mmh...
I'm just trying to figure out
The mistake I made for myself
Girl, I guess the way that I
Show my love for you is not so cool, baby
And now you found someone else
And I feel like a fool
What can I do, whoa, oh...
<Girl, I know that you> Girl, I know that you...
Oh, you don't really thing
Really think I'll let you leave me this way
Oh..., no
<All I want is you> All I want is you...
Oh..., you give me one more chance
On more chance, girl
I can't stand to see you with someone else
(Chorus/Vamp Out)

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Added: October 10, 2000

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